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About NLA

Purpose and Objectives


Nuclear Law Association (NLA) has been established in  2011 at New Delhi, India. The Association is a forum for the legal community to discuss issues relating to peaceful use of nuclear energy in India. NLA aims to promote knowledge sharing and influence policy formulation through seminars, research and outreach.

NLA seeks to engage with the following stakeholders from India and abroad:

  • legal community
  • government and policy makers 
  • industry
  • civil society, and
  • other non- governmental organization 
Main Objectives

  • Undertake research, promotion of knowledge and deliberations on legal issues in respect of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy;
  • Collaborate with the legal community, industry, civil society, policy makers, and other institutions within India and from abroad
  • Establish professional relationship with other nuclear law associations/institutions from different countries
  • Organize conferences, workshops, seminars and panel discussions
  • Offer short term and long terms educational and fellowship programs including internships
  • Publications and distribution of periodicals, books, circulars, leaflets or other literature
  • Award or contribute to prizes, medals, awards, establish trophies


NLA is organised as a pan-India association of lawyers. NLA is registered in New Delhi as a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 applicable to National Capital Region.

  • An Advisory Council consisting of eminent persons is constituted to advise the Governing Board.
  • Secretariat is responsible for the day to day administration