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Knowledge Contributors

Jaiby Joseph Ajish, Ph.D 

Dr Jaiby Joseph Ajish, is an Experimental Nuclear Physicist, and holds a Ph.D from Kent State University, Ohio, USA. She works with the STAR Collaboration in analyzing the data from particle collisions at Brookhaven National Lab’s Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). She has experience in nuclear research including detector R&D work at Brookhaven National Lab, New York.


Noriko Endo, Ph.D

Dr Noriko Endo is an expert in public policy, specializing in energy and environment policy. She is currently Project Professor at Keio University. She advises major Japanese corporations and public entities on cross-border strategies concerning energy, the environment, and economic issues. At Keio University, Endo currently lectures on environment and energy theory.

The Japanese government appointed her as a member of the Industrial Structure Council in July 2013, Fiscal System Council in March 2014, Advisory Committee for Natural Resources and Energy in May 2014, and Special Committee on New Clear Compensation Scheme in April 2015. The University of Tokyo and Waseda University invited her as visiting researcher in September 2013 and in April 2015.

She draws on her experience as a journalist with a career spanning nearly 20 years, and she served as Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Diamond Weekly (2006-2011). Prior to joining The Diamond Weekly she worked for Kinzai, an affiliated research body of Japan's Ministry of Finance where she gained first-hand experience in understanding government policy.

Endo obtained her Ph. D. in Energy Science at Kyoto University. Her doctoral thesis, which proposes innovative approaches to disaster risk management after Fukushima entitled “The Study of Japan's Nuclear Damage Compensation Scheme” was published on September 27th by Iwanami Shoten, Publishers. It was awarded the 34th Energy Forum Grand Prize. She was the recipient of the Osaragi Jiro Prize for Scholarly Writing, and is a prominent critic in Japan.